Mindful Business

Companies, groups and organizations all benefit from having a common language.

Time, energy and resources are usually spent verbalizing the vision, the mission and the different goals of a business company

And yet something often leaves to be desired. Something has been forgotten; the gut-feeling isn’t found between the ears.

Try something different.

Have a meditation concert at your company. Let the music do the talking. We’ll work with a theme that is in line with your wishes and intentions, and together we’ll create an event that is non-verbal, intuitive and special for all participants. The bonds created between the participants will be strong, and the shared experience can create waves deep into the future.

We can even record the event, so you’ll get your company’s own meditation album. This can be used individually and in groups, as a soft sound-tapestry or in dedicated mindful rooms at your headquarters or production facilities.

Far fetched? Not at all.

Maybe in the future? Well… the companies who’ll define the future is doing it now.

Contact us to hear more about possibilities, requirements and pricing.