Frequently asked questions

Am I supposed to lie down when I listen to your music?

No – you can listen in any position you want. Feel free to sit, lie, stand, jump, run or fly (if you can). One word of caution; the music was created in a flow, and somehow this influences some people so they go into a flow. While this can be a very nice experience, it might not be a good idea if you are driving a car or operating heavy machinery. Use your best judgement.

Are you religious?

We’d probably say yes, but not in any dogmatic sense. Feel free to enjoy the music, no matter what tradition or lineage you follow or honor.

Does Yasmin give singing lessons?

Yes – if you come to Hornbæk, Denmark. It’s a beautiful place by the coast north of Copenhagen.

Do I have to think about the theme?

No, you can think or feel anything you want. The theme or intention – and thus the title of the concert – is what was held in mind by Yasmin & Asger and the audience at that particular concert.

Do I need to know anything about meditating?

No. There is probably as many ways (or more) you can meditate as there are people on the earth. If you want to use specific methods or traditions, you are welcome, and if you seek instructions, you may find a local teacher or go to the library. Or you can just let the music and your body be the guide – set some time off, and allow yourself to go into the flow of the music.

How will I know if I do it right?

There is no right way of doing it. And therefore there is no wrong way to do it either. Do it your own way. It might even be a new way every time.

I don’t get it with the intentions – what are they good for?

The theme or intention – and thus the title of the concert – is what was held in mind by Yasmin & Asger and the audience at that particular concert. The music is an aural reflection of this. The intention is not guaranteed to be fulfilled – if, for instance, you listen to “Presence”, it is not certain that you will become present. But you can use the music to reflect on what it might mean to you to be present – what do you want it? What’s keeping you from getting it? Is it important? Why? Why not? – and… are you present in this examination of presence? Who is present?

Finally, you don’t need to “get it” with the intentions. If you enjoy the music, or find it useful in other ways, it’s there for you no matter what.

I fall asleep when I listen to your music. Is that good?

We cannot decide that for you. If you need sleep, sleep is good. If you need to stay awake, staying awake is good. Feel free to take responsibility for your own needs.

I find some of the sounds annoying. Why are they there?

Some sounds are there on purpose, some are there by accident. We don’t edit the concerts, so every once in a while there’s on off note, a technical glitch or someone coughing. That’s life. Enjoy the non-perfectness of it. Or ask yourself if it really annoys you, and why. Or accept it and let it pass.

Is the music really improvised?

Yes. The concerts start with a reflection on the intention – for instance a short examination of what “Letting Go” means (- is letting go do do something or to stop doing something? What do I need to let go of? Or should I let go of the idea of letting go?). Then either one of us will make a sound, and from then the concert will flow forth. We don’t know what will happen, we just accept what comes. You might call it “Spontaneous Compositions” instead.

I’ve listened to “Peace at Heart” several times, but I don’t seem to find peace at heart – what am I doing wrong?

Well, first of all you can’t do anything wrong. The music is not prescription medicine. You might need to do other actions than listening to music to get where you wanna be. Is Peace at Heart something you can create at will? Or will Peace at Heart occur in glimpses under the right circumstances? What are the right circumstances?

I would like to get the music on CD – where can I get it?

We have chosen not to use CD’s, since it complicates distribution and handling. But you can buy the concerts on iTunes, and then you can burn your own CD from a playlist. Make sure the interval between songs is set to zero seconds – that way the concert will play uninterrupted. If you don’t know how to do this, get help from kids or young persons – they probably know all about it. We know – CD’s are nice, and you get the artwork and all – but on the other hand, you’ll nearly get 2 CD’s for the price of one this way.

Should I sit in a special position?

The music is here to be used. Do you need to relax? put yourself in a relaxing position. Do you need to stretch? Stretch out. Use the music in any way that works for you.

What instruments are Asger using? How does he make those sounds?

Asger plays electric guitars and basses through various effects, delay machines and loop stations. No keyboards are used, and nothing is pre-programmed. The setup varies from concert to concert to keep things fresh.

What is Mindful Music?

Music can work as a shortcut to the here and now. Many people experience a time distortion when listening to the Meditation Concerts. It seems like the time passed was shorter or longer than the watch shows. If that means that you were truly connected to yourself for a while, good. Mindfulness is a buzzword these days, and there are many explanations of what it is. Don’t let yourself get caught in the rights and wrongs of definitions. Maybe all music is mindful.

What is Soul Voice?

Soul Voice is a very deep, well researched method, developed by Karina Schelde. See www.soulvoice.net for further information. Yasmin is a certified Soul Voice practitioner.

Will you ever come to Australia?

Yes, eventually.
Actually, we’ll come anywhere, time and logistics permitting. If you would like arrange a Meditation Concert where you live, please contact us through our booking page.